Artist pencil rough for Robotic Madness page 3 web comic.

If any of you have watched me draw robot commissions at conventions, then you know I do it quickly. And if I do an ink drawing I usually scribble a loose pencil outline just to make sure my inks have decent shape. Robotic Madness is a little more complicated, but I use the same premise. I’d like to share one of my rough pencils with you. After I scan in the robot art I use Adobe Illustrator to ink my work. Once the digital inks are applied I head over to Photoshop and lay in colors behind the ink as well as changing the colors of my ink lines (also known as “color holds”). The final stage to any of this art is lettering back in Adobe Illustrator. If any of you were wondering if I did all the art and lettering, the answer is yes! Enjoy it! I hope many folks out there get a nice quirky robot fix each week. Take care.