Well, Comiconn has come and gone. I had a great time in Trumbull, CT with all my comic friends. There were a range of people at the show. There were writers, editors, collectors, podcastors, web series creators, comic creators, artists and much more.

I had a great time sitting next to Swass Adventures and Chris Giarrusso. I had never really had a chance to talk at length with Chris, but I was able too for quite some time yesterday. A great artist and a fabulous guy. I highly recommend dropping by his booth at the next convention. I also got to see Joe Caramagna, Adrew Edge and Dennis Budd (who I’ll be sharing a table with at New York Comic Con) as well as Nate Piekos of Blambot.

As always, I was happy to see Brian LeTendre and Matt “Matman” Herring from, Secret Identity Podcast. I headed out to dinner with Matt, Swasscast, Chris Giarruso and Chris Gugliotti. We had a great time out.

After dinner I sat down with my web comic brother and recently acquired convention partner, Chris Gugliotti, to hash out plans for future conventions as well as ways to get our web comics out to the masses.  Besides attending shows like; Comiconn, New York Comic Con, Rhode Island Comic Con and Boston Comic Con, we’ve also decided to start using Comic Rocket to get the word out. So we’ll be counting on our fans we meet at shows, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbr and Comic Rocket to spread the word for us. If you could, please share us via Comic Rocket or any any other social media. We’d like to get our stories popular enough that we can keep doing them for a long time. Thanks for read!