WIN THIS ORIGINAL ART CONTEST! It occurred to me that I may need to grease the wheels a little to get more shares for the Robotic Madness web comic. So here it is. The info is on the image, but I will explain it here as well. Click SHARE to enter (LIKES are appreciated but do not count towards this contest). There will be a list of shares accrued under this link and everyone on the list will be entered. I will also include anyone that shares the web comic link on my personal pages. On October 15th, the winner will get a private message from me asking for their address. A few days later they will receive original art in the mail! Thanks folks!  READ ROBOTIC MADNESS - EVERY MONDAY 8am www.jimmycakes.comHead on over to the official Facebook Page of Robotic Madness and enter a chance to win original art by Jason May! (That’s me, I draw this web comic for free every week ┬ájust for you). The contest ends on October 15th. The official rules are on the Robotic Madness Facebook Page. So go there now and follow the rules!

I hope you’re enjoying the story so far. There are a lot of characters popping up and pretty soon things are going to get a bit crazy for G.A.R.K.. I will be at New York Comic Con on Oct 13-14th with Joe Caramagna in Artist Alley. Drop by, commission a sketch, say hello, buy a book (if I have any left). Thank you all again!