Rusty old robot holding a twinkie painting from Robots and Twinkies show a few years back.

Farewell Twinkies. Hostess will be missed. A while back, my pal Joseph Dinunzio decided to have a gallery show with the theme of robots and Twinkies. Naturally, I was invited to participate due to my deep roots in the robotic arts. I’m sad to see the Twinkie leave this world this week. I imagine it will be back again. Under a new banner. I can’t imagine it not being purchased by some huge company. Little Debbie perhaps? Who knows!? Either way. Enjoy this oil painting I did for the show. I may put a few of these pieces up on my Etsy store shortly. So stay¬† tuned! I’ll also attach a youtube video of the gallery show below. Check it out. Click like or comment below on youtube or here. It makes me feel needed.