crater creature, lunar jim, illustration, jason may, silly, cute, crazy, one eyeSo, I’m hanging out with my little people watching some Lunar Jim, when suddenly! There he is, zipping around like a maniac. The Crater Creature. I immediately thought, “THAT is what I’m going to draw this week.” And so I did. I give you, The Crater Creature from Lunar Jim. It’s streaming on Netflix right now. So you can go check it out. If I had a dollar for every time I said “It’s on Netflix now.”

I hope everyone is enjoying Robotic Madness. I also hope you’re all enjoying my pics each week on Wednesdays. So far I haven’t missed any deadlines here or for my freelance. So things are going pretty great. Remember, you can always drop by my Etsy store and buy some prints to help support me and my website. I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll see you all bright and early Monday morning with some more ROBOTIC MADNESS.