joker, bomb, blow up, silly, quirky, qwirky, smile, purple, hellow, green, missle, jason may, jasonmayart, jimmycakes, inks, commission, color, hair, suitI finished up the inks on this Joker commission today and decided I’d color it up for WIWTDW!

There was a lot going on in the studio today. I mailed out two commissions and two inked sketches for an auction for some friends. I’ll be ordering a button machine this week so Chris Gugliotti and I, The Titans of Cartoonitude, can start making custom buttons on the fly. Comiconn is next weekend and I’m hoping to see a lot of fans there and do a lot of commissions. I’ll be doing my standard $10 for pencils and $20 for ink sketches. I’ve been told that those prices are a deal! So I’m going to go with the consensus.

Boston Comic Con was great last week. I did a lot of commissions and everyone seemed thrilled. I also have a new print available; “Bat Oops.” You may remember it as a pas Whatever I Want To Draw Wednesday piece. I was hoping to have another print available for next weekend but only time will tell. Enjoy the Joker!!