Man, do I wish I could do this every week! This week I have a special WIWTDW for you! I was asked to do a demo for Drift Surf Shop in Wakefield, RI. They wanted me to use some of their newly stocked Boardstix markers on one of their longboard decks to see how well it covered and to show how all the colors looked. Well, at least some of the colors! Most of them actually. I really enjoyed this. I always enjoy seeing the time lapse after I do this. I basically sat down, made sure I had the Drift signature “D” on there ( I actually designed the D for drift) and then I just free drew the whole thing. I had no plans other then wanting to cover the entire board with art. I think it came out pretty neat. SO! Check out the video, check out the other speed painting videos I’ve posted, they’ve been getting decent hits and hopefully I’ll do another soon!

HUGE thanks to my pal, Dan Stevens for providing the music for this video. Check out Ramblin’ Dan Stevens (hardest working man in the blues) at
He tours all over New England and more. If you can catch a show, be sure to ask how he got his first cigar box guitar.