I have no idea what’s going on with my website anymore. I’m pretty sure it needs to be built again from the ground up. Just before Comiconn I could access my site fine. After Comiconn I could no longer view my website from my home. Everyone else could. We contacted Dreamhost and they restarted the server and said everything would be fine. It wasn’t fine after that.  I chatted with my ISP and they concluded it was my host. Heading back to Dreamhost, they moved Robotic Madness to a new server. Hazah! I could log in again. Today, I decided to log in to read through the old pages and start plotting the next few pages. Unfortunately I got some sort of weird twitter error and everything fell apart from there. The page has ceased to work, my styles have vanished and now the comic is gone. I have no idea what is going on. Maybe when I clear my head I’ll be able to come back in here and fix things, but from what I can see I’ll need to rebuild the whole site and re-upload all the old pages. And that’s all work that will cut into creating new pages. I’ve already lost all my readers, I see no sense in continuing the story.