Well folks. I’m super tired. I’ve had a really long weekend of freelance work and then on top of it all, I wanted to make sure you had a new page Monday morning at 8am. Good news! You do! And it’s colored! Colored WELL if I do say so myself. I want to take a minute to request that anyone reading this, share it, like it or comment below. Making comics is A LOT of work. I get paid to do it and it pays decent enough.

But Robotic Madness is a labor of love. I’ll continue to do it regardless, but having support really helps. Not only that, it makes me feel more creative and takes me places I never would have thought of going on my own. So join me. Read my story free of charge, but please be a part of my story. Who knows, this thing could blow up into a huge deal some day and you can say, “I used to comment on that guys stuff. He was super nice. And responded. Now he’s so famous he doesn’t have time to talk to me.” Ha! I hope I never become that famous, but I’d love to make a decent living drawing pictures. Thanks for reading!